5 Reasons to Use a Hashtag at Your Wedding

Hashtags aren’t just for Twitter anymore. Instagram and Facebook have popularized the use of the hashtag for weddings and we’re loving it! If you’re thinking about using a hashtag at your wedding, check out our top reasons for why you should.

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1. It’s all in the name. The best hashtags are easy to remember and incorporate the bride and/or groom’s name. Remember that this day is all about you—even the hashtags! Think variations like #brittanygetshitched #paiswedding or our personal favorite (and the one we actually used!) #paisyourself

2. Build the anticipation. by using your hashtag before the wedding begins. Social media-savvy guests will love seeing your posts as you prepare all the wedding details. It will make them even more excited for the day to come!

3. Everything looks better with a filter. Instagram and Facebook now allow users to upload pictures with fun filters, which make everyone look more glamorous.

4. Encourage guests to take photos of the event. On the wedding day you’ll be so busy actually getting married that you won’t have time to sit back and enjoy the amazing party you just spent months planning. Using a hashtag allows you to relive the wedding day again and again from many different perspectives!

5. Instant gratification! You’ll be able to search for your hashtag the day after your wedding and immediately see so many fun pictures from many different guests. It’ll make waiting for the professional pictures much much easier!

So glad one of my friends captured this shot!
Pais Instagram Ceremony

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Post signage featuring your hashtag! The more places people see it, the more likely they are to use it when they post their photos.
  • Hashtag appearance depends on user settings- you will only be able to see your guests’ pictures if they have set their profiles to public or have approved you as a follower.
  • Know your guests! You want to keep your big day as classy as possible, so if you have the kind of friends who like to post obnoxious photos, you may not want to use a hashtag.
  • You get to set the rules. If you prefer no pictures be taken at the ceremony but want a ton at the reception, be sure to include that in your wedding program.
  • Make sure your hashtag is unique. Do a quick search of the hashtag you want on Instagram by clicking the compass symbol and selecting the hashtags tab. For our wedding, we had the hashtag, #paisyourself. You can see a screenshot of our hashtag search on Instagram and how many photos are tagged (87!).
    Instagram Search

The Big Fat Jewish Wedding wants to know— Are you planning on using a hashtag for your big day?

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