Michigan Summer Classic Outdoor Jewish Wedding on Mackinac Island

Summer is full of love and happiness. This sweet Jewish wedding was not just full of happiness, it was the embodiment of an eternal summer of love for Matthew and Lori-Jean.

They have such a sweet story, you have to grab that tea and sit down to read it all!

How did you meet?
We met while volunteering. Matthew moved to Nashville, TN the week of a major flood. There was about four feet of water covering the city and was a disaster. Both our respected workplaces were under water so we each picked the same random house out of thousands to clean up on a local volunteer website called Hands On Nashville. It was serendipitous because we did not know each other. When Matthew volunteered, he walked up to a house underwater, and saw me and he instantly fell in love.
I walked up to Matthew and said “you look strong, lift this fish tank.” Smiles and a tetanus shot came after our first meeting. We spent the whole summer together, sharing their hopes, dreams and stories of our family and friends. Unfortunately Matt had to go back to school in Michigan and I had to finish school in Nashville.
Before Matt went home, we spent one last night at the local arena watching a historic Paul McCartney concert. It was his first time playing a show in Nashville. Once he went home for school, we saw each other every two weeks. When I came to Michigan, Matt would show me all his favorite parts of Michigan and I would do the same in Nashville.

Matt put 45,000 miles on his car visiting me. It was crazy and hectic, but wonderful. I got offered a residency in Detroit and so we lived in his parents’ basement!!! Then, ironically Matt got offered a temp job at a big agency in Nashville so he went down to Nashville, while I stayed in Michigan in Matt’s parents’ basement! When the job ended, he came back to Michigan until my residency was over and could go back to Tennessee.

How did he propose?
On our second date we went to a horse farm. I used to ride competitively and it was my “place of peace in Nashville.”

For the proposal, Matthew made a giant four part window collage. Each frame in the window represented a year in our relationship. Matthew set up the window, got champagne and glasses, flowers and put out a picnic towards sunset. He left a note to “meet me at your place of peace.” I showed up right at sunset and he put his Great Grandmother’s ring (100 year old ring) on me. It was magical and breathtaking.

What theme inspired your wedding?
Our wedding theme came from the place we had the wedding. A year before, we went to Mackinac Island in Michigan. There are no cars on the island; instead, there was lots of biking, hiking and taking carriage rides. That was when I knew I wanted to get married here.

We picked yellow and silver for their wedding colors because we love the bright sun shining colors. We had a bike theme too. Our guests received a tote bag with the bridge on it. In it, was all Michigan-made products, such as Faygo, Michigan Cherries, Kelloggs, Fudge, Sanders, and many other Michigan staples.


What was your favorite part of your wedding?
One favorite part of the wedding was their first dance to “Maybe I’m Amazed,” by Paul McCartney. It’s hard to pick just one favorite part because all the parts were amazing!

When I walked down the aisle, we surprised Matthew by having a friend play a Beatles song. He had no idea we planned this and I saw tears in his eyes as I walked. It was truly a perfect day.



























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Photographer:  BTW Photography//Hair Stylist:7th Heaven Salon and Spa at Mission Point Resort//Tuxedo and Mens Attire:Destination XL//Caterer: Mission Point Resort//Location:Mission Point Resort//Event Venue: Mission Point Resort//DJ:Rockstar Digital, Inc.//Dress Designer:Sophia Tolli//Dress Store:Stetson Flower & Wedding Boutique//Event Planner:Top That! Event//Floral Designer:Top That! Event//Invitation Designer:Top That! Event//Apparel:Skyline Jewelry //Cake Designer: TasTCreations//Event Designer: Top That! Event

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