The Yichud

Yichud: A Private Moment Together

In Jewish tradition, the yichud, Hebrew for seclusion, is a period of time immediately after the ceremony when the bride and groom are given a private moment to spend together as husband and wife. Long ago, this was when the marriage was consummated, but nowadays the yichud allows the couple to spend some quiet time together to celebrate their union before sharing their bliss with family and friends.

In more observant circles, the bride and groom do not see each other for seven days before the wedding and do not eat or drink the day of the wedding in preparation for the ceremony. The yichud allows them to break their fast together with a small meal and share their lives with each other after the long separation.

Even if your wedding is not as religious, you should still consider having a yichud. It may seem strange to separate from your wedding guests and the celebration, but the yichud allows you and your new spouse to take a moment away from the chaos of the wedding day and remember what the wedding day is about — your love and your commitment to each other.  It is also customary for the bride and groom to exchange meaningful gifts during this time.

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