Personalized Jewish Wedding Favors

Personalized wedding favors are the biggest new trend in weddings, but Jewish brides and grooms have been giving away inscribed kippot (head coverings) and benchers (prayer books) for many years. Below is a collection of our favorite old and new personalized souvenirs to consider giving away at your wedding:

1. Personalized kippot or yarmalkahs. Inscribing your name and wedding date on the inside of the kippah is a time-honored tradition of Jewish weddings. Take it to the next level by adding a favorite quote! Guests will enjoy taking them home to use during Jewish ceremonies in the years to come.

2. Inscribed benchers. Almost every bencher company offers personalizations for weddings. Pick a bencher that fits your traditions or design your own to include meaningful prayers and songs. Guests love taking these home to include in their own collections.

3. Personalized honey jars. Just like on Rosh Hashanah when we dip apples in honey for a sweet new year, you can send guests home with honey in celebration of a sweet new beginning.

4. Personalized seed packets. These vintage-style seed packets allow your guests to carry your love all the way to their mitzvah gardens.

5. Personalized hamsahs. These adorable charms (that can be attached to escort cards!) are a sweet favor to send home with guests. Hamsahs are a traditional Jewish talisman and are thought to protect their keepers from evil.

6. Personalized Favor Bags. We love these adorable bags! Stuff them with your favorite candy for a sweet treat your guests can take home.

7. Tzedakah never goes out of style. Many couples are forgoing wedding favors that may end up in the trash and instead donating trees. This is not only a mitzvah, but you’ll have a personalized stop on a future trip to Israel: a whole orchard planted in honor of your wedding.

What wedding favor are you planning on giving your guests?

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