Mishloach Manot For Your Bridesmaids

Giving Mishloach Manot, gifts of food or drink, is one of the mitzvot of Purim. What better way to fulfill this commandment than to give fun gifts to your bridesmaids?! Whether you are asking your friend to be in your wedding or are just saying “thank you,” these little gift baskets are the perfect way to show how much you care!

To assemble the perfect mishloach manot, you have to find the perfect box, bag or basket to hold your gifts. Be creative! Vases from the dollar store or these large monogrammed cups from Etsy also make great and unexpected gift containers. Keep your containers on the smaller side if your budget is tight — you won’t need to buy as many little gifts to make sure they look full.

Monogrammed Cups for Bridesmaids Gifts

After you’ve found your boxes or containers, fill them with items you think your bridesmaids might appreciate. Just don’t buy more than the package can hold! Need some inspiration? Keep reading for a list of items you might want to stuff into your misloach manot.

1. We used these adorable little tiaras from Party City at my bachelorette party and all of my friends loved them! Plus, your bridesmaids can use them for their Queen Esther or Princess Kate Purim costumes.

Bridesmaids Tiaras for Purim Mishloach Manot

2. These spirit filled chocolates from Amazon really set the tone for a Purim celebration! Split up the package to give a few to each of your friends.

Spirit Filled Chocolates for Bridesmaids Gift Baskets

3. These mini bottles of champagne from Korbel are a fun and fancy gift. Want to make them even more festive? Coat the bottles with glitter!

Mini Bottles of Champagne For Bridesmaids Gifts

4. Make your own hamentaschen with fillings that you know your friends will love. Nutella is always a crowd pleaser! Try this easy recipe from The Shiksa In The Kitchen.

Hamentashen Filled With Nutella

5. If Purim celebrations get out of hand, these adorable Hangover Kits on Etsy will help your friends recover.

Hangover Kits For Mishloach Manot

6. You can never go wrong with thoughtful and stylish jewelry for your best friends. These delicate necklaces from Dogeared come with different charms and meaningful messages– pick ones that best match your friends’ personalities.

Friendship Necklace for Bridesmaids Gifts

What do you think– did we leave anything out? Let us know in the comments below!

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