Lag B’Omer Inspired Weddings

Lag B'Omer Inspired Weddings
Lag B’Omer is considered a very lucky day to get married. It is a day of celebration during the somber period of Counting the Omer, which lasts between Passover and Shavuot. It is also a holiday known for picnics, bonfires and lawn games. Lag B’Omer usually occurs during the months of April and May, two months of amazing wedding weather. It is the perfect day for an outdoor wedding! Keep reading for a list of ways to take wedding inspiration from this fun holiday.

1. Picnic Seating During The Ceremony

2. Barbecue Cuisine for the Reception

3. Outdoor Games During Cocktail Hour

4. Wedding Decor That Incorporates Arrows

5. Bonfire at the Wedding Reception (Have a S’mores Station Ready!)

6. Speaking of S’mores, What About These S’mores Wedding Favors?

7. A Gorgeous Sparkler Send-Off

8. There Is No Grander Finale Than Fireworks


Are you incorporating any outdoor elements into your wedding? Let us know in the comments below!

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