10 DIY Projects For Purim

10 DIY Projects For Purim

Purim is less than a month away and we’re already getting excited! A classic ‘they tried to kill us, we survived’, let’s eat holiday, Purim is known for its wild costume parties and delicious food. You can learn more about the story of Purim and traditions associated with the holiday here. We’ve collected our top ten favorite DIY projects from across the web for a Purim to remember. Keep reading for celebration inspiration!

1. These DIY Masquerade Masks from Sprinkles in Springs would be perfect for your Purim Bash.

DIY Masquerade Mask For Purim

2. Fantastic hamentaschen-shaped sushi rolls from Busy in Brooklyn. Mix up the fillings for a fun party activity! Favorite veggie filling suggestions include avocado, cucumber, roasted garlic, teriyaki mushroom, and roasted sweet potato.

Hamentashen Shaped Sushi for Purim

3. Delicious Purim themed cocktails from Chai & Home. After all, tradition states that you should drink enough that you can no longer distinguish between the phrases Cursed is Haman and Blessed is Mordecai!

Purim Themed Cocktails

4. Adorable hamentaschen-shaped challah rolls from The Jewish Hostess.

Hamentashen Challah Rolls

5. Dress up basic takeout boxes with fab DIY labels ala Chana’s Art Room for the perfect mishloach manot gift baskets for your friends and family! We love the idea of giving your mishloach manot a theme — think goldfish crackers and chocolate topped with sea salt for this “Under the Sea” theme or mini coffee cakes and chocolate covered espresso beans for a “Coffee Break” theme.

DIY Themed Mishloach Manot

6. Feel like giving something a bit more alcoholic? These adorable DIY printable wine labels from Sarah Hearts are perfect for gifting your favorite bottle of wine. If you don’t like this version, consider tying on a standard gift tag with the message of your choice.

DIY Wine Gift Label Printables

7. These incredible DIY hamentaschen shaped invitations from Design Megillah are the perfect way to invite friends to your Purim Party!

DIY Purim Party Invitations In The Shape Of Hamentashen

8. Gorgeous pomegranate napkin rings from Creative Jewish Mom. These were originally meant for a Rosh Hashanah celebration, but we think the purple ones would be perfect for Purim too!

Pomegranate Napkin Rings For Purim

9. Buzzfeed’s collection of unexpected hamentaschen recipes made our mouths water. Our favorites include the Goat Cheese Pizza Hamentaschen and the Chocolate & Peanut Butter Inside Out Hamentaschen.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Hamentashen

10. Use this DIY tutorial from A Kiss of Colour to make your own festive and gorgeous graggers (noisemakers) to drown out Hamen’s name!

DIY Gragger Noisemakers For Purim

Do you have any other DIY ideas you’re planning on doing for Purim? Let us know in the comments below!

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