Welcome New Writer Brittany!

I am SO excited to welcome a new writer to our team!

Brittany lives in Raleigh, NC with her brand new husband Andrew. We featured her beautiful wedding earlier this month. Leave here for a moment, and feel free to drool.

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She loves party planning, lazy mornings, and copious amounts of Nutella. That’s just what a writer needs too!

Brittany will be bringing her expertise as a bride, food lover, and Jewish culture aficionado to The Big Fat Jewish Wedding. From understanding a Jewish wedding as a guest, to figuring out what chuppah to buy, Brittany will be there to help.

You can follow her adventures on Instagram at @brittster86, and of course here on the BFJW.

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  1. Danielle E. Aaronson says:

    Welcome Brittany! I am so excited to continue to follow your adventures! I am constantly impressed with your attention to detail, your creativity, and your patience through it all. Your wedding was beautiful, thought out, and so filled with love. I know you will add so much value to anyone who follows you.


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