Thanksgivukkah: The Best Holiday Ever

What happens when Thanksgiving and Hanukkah fall on the same night? A festival of GOBBLE. Don’t miss the chance to celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime holiday (which won’t occur for another 7,000 years)! Read on for our tips to make this the best Thanksgivukkah ever. Gobble tov!

Buy a menurky (menorah + turkey = menurky).

Or make your own festive menorah using tea lights, eight small pumpkins and one larger pumpkin as the center shamash.

Need décor inspiration? Think cornucopias of gelt and gilded pumpkin place cards.

Thanksgiving food is made even better because of Thanksgivukkah. Toss the dinner rolls. Pumpkin challah is the way to go.

Fried foods reign supreme on Hanukkah and there will never be a better time for deep fried turkey.

And deep fried stuffing fritters.

Mashed potatoes? Nope. This year, it’s all about the latkes with cranberry sauce.

Trade in the pies for pumpkin pecan rugelach.

And there must be cranberry-filled donuts.

Or how about these adorable apple cranberry dreidel handpies?!

Don’t forget the Thanksgivukkah gifts! Make something small & sweet for each of your guests like these fabulous candy turkeys from Abigail Bartalini, a Young Toddler teacher at Yal-Day-New Day Care Center, Inc in Brighton, MA. Find instructions here.

Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 5.01.04 PM

How are you celebrating Thanksgivukkah this year?

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