Gilded Pumpkin Menorah {DIY Project}

Forgot to buy a menurkey or turkorah? Don’t worry- we have a DIY menorah idea up our sleeves that is absolutely perfect for Thanksgivukkah! This quick, easy and festive project adds a touch of elegance to the holiday table.

Pumpkin Menorah Side

Materials Needed:

8 miniature pumpkins
1 larger pumpkin
Small knife
Painters Tape
Gold Metallic Spray Paint
Decorative Rocks (optional)
Tea Candles


Begin by carefully placing the painters tape on  the pumpkin. Since I only wanted to apply paint to the top half of my pumpkins, I created a border with the painters tape about half way down the length of the pumpkin. Variation: Use the painters tape to create stripes or a chevron design. Or, skip the tape altogether and spray paint the entire pumpkin.

Taping Pumpkins

Once the tape has been applied, trace a tea candle on the top of the pumpkin to make your outline for incision. Use a small, sharp knife to carefully carve out a small circle around the pumpkin stem. Remove the stem and keep trimming the circle until you can fit the tea candle into the hole. Use the spoon to remove the pumpkin’s seeds.

Spray paint the pumpkins in a well ventilated area. After about 15-30 minutes, when the paint is barely dry to the touch, carefully remove the painters tape to reveal your design! Let the pumpkins dry completely overnight.
Spray Painting Pumpkins
The cut pumpkins may shrink, making your original hole a bit too big. Fill in any gaps with decorative stones (like you would use in flower arrangements).

Pumpkin Menorah Aerial View

We love the idea of using this pumpkin menorah as our Thanksgivukkah centerpiece. It would also look lovely on a mantle or buffet. Enjoy!


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