5 Easy Tips to Pick the Perfect Chuppah

A chuppah is a canopy or covering that symbolizes the home the married couple will create together after their marriage. It is one of the most important components of a Jewish wedding. It can also be one of the trickiest details to decide upon. Keep reading for five tips we’ve compiled to help you find the perfect chuppah for your big day!

      1. If you’re getting married by a rabbi or cantor, synagogues and temples often have chuppahs you can use. Ask if you can view it in person or if there are pictures you can see. Remember that florists can do wonders in making almost any structure match the décor you have in mind.
      2. Ask your florist if they have a chuppah. These can often be expensive to rent, so make sure you ask exactly how much it will cost and if there are different ways it can be decorated.
      3. Have Jewish friends that were recently married? If you liked their chuppah, ask to borrow it! Imitation is the best form of flattery.
      4. Consider building your own. Many couples decide to build their chuppah together. Not only is this an incredibly meaningful and sweet option, but also saves money. Win win! You can find instructions here.
    5. Keep it simple. If you have four close friends or relatives that you want to include in your ceremony, being a chuppah holder is one of the highest honors you can give. Borrow a tallit or quilt from a special family member and attach four poles to the four corners. Instant chuppah!

What kind of chuppah do you plan on having?

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